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Our ground rent calculator will provide instant and accurate ground rent valuation estimates. This feature will be live soon but in the meantime if you would like an estimate for your ground rent please contact us.

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Calculate your ground rent value.

If you are intending to sell or buy freehold ground rents or would like to assess the worth of your current investment, our freehold calculator will assist you in understanding the approximate value of the freehold. Using the calculator as a guide will then inform you of the potential value and help you to decide if you feel the time is right to sell. It is important to note that any values that Groundrent Fund provide through this calculator are approximate and are to be used as a guide only. Please also note that any values quoted cannot also be presented in court proceedings or tribunals.

Get a freehold estimate the quick and easy way.

To assess the value of each flat in the property you will need to enter the details into the calculator to be able to gain an approximate value of how much your freehold may be worth.

The information you will need to specify includes:

  • The current market value of each flat.
  • The starting date of each lease.
  • The current annual ground rent for each flat .
  • The original lease term for each flat (usually either 99, 125 or 999 years).

When filling out details in the calculator, start by naming each flat in the ‘Flat name’ box, then press the ‘+ Add another flat’ button to create the next one. Press the ‘Calculate’ button when you’ve entered all your details and your estimated value will be shown on screen.

Quick sale of your freehold.

We always recommend that you get a professional valuation whether you are buying or selling ground rents. To make sure you get an accurate valuation there are many factors that can impact on the outcome – and overlooking an important element could be the difference between overvalue or undervalue.

Using our freehold calculator will help you to get an estimated value and if you are intending to sell we offer a free expert appraisal service that ensures you will receive the maximum from the buyer.